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Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite Treatment

What Causes Cellulite and Cellulite Treatments

Do you know what cellulite is? It refers to the fat cells stored on specific parts of the body especially on women’s buns, hips, and thighs. It resembles cottage cheese under the epidermis, which causes women to be self-conscience. While many women try to cover up their cellulite, it still shows through clothes leaving no option other than to get rid of it for good.

Causes of Cellulite

Cellulite is a fat tissue that appears underneath the skin’s surface. People really don’t need to be large to acquire cellulite, in fact; thin people can have a bunch or a little bit on their derriere, breasts, legs, and abs. There are many things that can trigger its growth like some of the cellulite causes below.

Genetics Is Cause #1

Individuals who have close family members that experience cellulite are considerably more likely to get it. Studies reveal that roughly eighty-five percent of most women who experience cellulite have kinfolk suffering from the same condition. Take a look at your family tree to see if there is a pattern.

Too Little Exercise Is Cause #2

Individuals who are not doing any work out need to build up their muscles to inhibit cellulite development. A daily exercise program is one way in keeping cellulite from the entire body. Walking, cycling, hiking, jogging, jumping rope, and swimming are equally fun ventures to reduce the chances of cellulite from happening to you.

Mediocre or Terrible Diet Plans is #3

Eating less-than-healthy food and drinking too much alcohol and caffeinated drinks along with eating hot and spicy foods are directly associated to cellulite creation. When an incredible amount of these foods and drinks are consumed, the body reduces its ability to rid the harmful toxins they create thus leaving them to be stored in the fatty tissue. Specialists insist upon eight cups of water daily as opposed to caffeinated drinks or alcohol to flush out these harmful toxins.

Smoking is Cause #4

Very few people comprehend that using cigarettes is one of the factors of cellulite formation. It weakens the skin by constricting the capillaries and harms the tissues in the skin. Hence, you get cellulite.

Cellulite Treatments

A guaranteed strategy to lessen or wipe out cellulite is by way of a nutritious diet, continuous exercising, and plenty of water to do away with the toxins in the body. There are tons of cellulite remedies on the market nowadays.

Some methods may include the following:

Folks who are suffering from extreme cellulite and need to get rid of it as quickly as possible may end up with liposuction. This consists of removal of cellulite or fat deposits through surgery. Regardless of the fact that liposuction has possible complications; an increasing number of people are turning to it on account of its instant results.

Then again, individuals that don’t have the funds or the backbone to attempt liposuction make use of cellulite creams that have herbs, antioxidants and vitamins. These creams deliver essential moisture and enhance the blood flow to damaged and dehydrated cellulite-stricken parts of the body. These creams are less desirable because of minimal results that can be noted within three to four months.

Cellulite lift, alternatively, has relatively promising final results and is especially designed for anyone who has gotten rid of a considerable amount of weight and ended up having too much skin. Presently, cellulite lift is the most invasive technique to return youthful, firm skin back to or close to its original state. Though it promises excellent final results, it likewise comes with draw backs. It can render extensive scarring damage and increased recovery time for the affected person.

One other treatment is referred to as laser lipolysis. This technique was formulated in the country of Italy. It is executed by placing a fibre-optic laser using small incisions on the targeted body part. This laser captures well over 500 grams of fat in the body.

Cellulite is one of the greatest obstacles being faced by Americans these days. Nevertheless, with the prevention pointers and techniques available, cellulite ought to be no big deal! What can you do? Understand how to overcome it and obtain a amazing body without the use of these time consuming expensive cellulite treatments.

Cellulite Treatment At Home

Can an at home cellulite treatment be used to help the body get rid of cellulite? Well, first it’s important to understand what cellulite is and its causes to help you take reasonable steps to reduce cellulite in the comfort of your home.

Cellulite occurs in almost 90% of women in society in some way or another. It cannot be avoided. Women have a very different tissue and collagen fibre structure than men; this is why we are prone to the development of this condition as we age. It is also interesting to note that not all women are genetically pre-determined to develop cellulite.

However, factors such as pregnancy, weight gain, hormone levels and natural aging can contribute to an individual who’s been genetically coded to receive this condition. Bottom line, thin or obese, some of us will get it while others won’t.

The good news is, for those of us who are on the track to eventual defeat can rid the body of the dimpling and bulging with an at home cellulite treatment. There are several things that can be done to reduce cellulite. These include detoxifying one’s body, eating a healthy diet, exercising to assist with weight management and increasing circulation to the areas that tend to harbour the condition.

To keep the body clean, you need to give extra care to your liver and colon. Keep fat, salt, caffeine and cigarette smoking to a minimum. It is very important to consume a good amount of water in your diet each day, approximately a gallon. This cannot be stressed enough and sometimes compared to exercising; it’s probably the one of the most frustrating things to do as part of your daily routine. A thing that has helped me to get my daily water consumption down is Crystal Light or any other non-sugar type sweetener. It really does make it easier to get that daily flush of hydration and cleansing.

Secondly, a healthy diet is critical to maintaining the body in a condition where it will be not prone to cellulite. The best diets contain lean meats such as poultry, fish and eggs, good fats (fish, nuts, and olives) and healthy carbohydrates such as vegetables, fruits and low sugar starches such as brown rice. Stay away from consuming animal fats, processed foods (high salt and sugar) and highly glycaemia carbohydrates such as potatoes, pasta and white rice. Always make a healthy decision when selecting your meals and the end result will reflect on your trouble spots by keeping weight gain and fat production to a minimum. Remember, you are what you eat.

Next is exercise which includes weight training and cardiovascular activities. It is important to exercise the body as a whole to get rid of cellulite since all facets of the routine contribute to its minimizing. However, you can complete specific types of exercises to help with the trouble spots. The most positive type of program to incorporate would be one which tones the underlying muscles of the legs/thighs, hips, butt and stomach. There are movements which can be included in your normal routine to place extra focus on these areas to improve them. As for cardiovascular, some great choices are running, speed walking, riding a bicycle and climbing stairs. All of these heart elevators focus on the legs and thighs, which burn fat and increase muscle in the areas where it’s really needed.

Finally, there is the at home cellulite treatment. It is also relatively important to make sure that there is plenty of circulation and breaking down of fatty areas to reduce troubled spots. Some of the choices to get rid of cellulite include the body brush (used with an anti cellulite body scrub or wash), herbs, spa treatments, wearing cellulite pantyhose which help provide circulation, body wraps and finally anti cellulite lotions, creams and gels. Make sure whether you are cleansing the skin or treating it, to massage the trouble stops well as you use the products.

At the end of the day, it is true, you can have an at home cellulite treatment to get rid of cellulite. But, it is a small part of a more comprehensive commitment to care for your body on all levels, inside and out. It’s can be disappointing to our egos to learn that cellulite may not ever go away completely, but it’s nice to know we can contribute to making ourselves look and feel better.

How Effective are Cellulite Treatments?

This might be the first question you will ask yourself when looking for ways to get rid of cellulite. This article is to help you find the right answer to that question.

The Truth about Cellulite Treatments

Women experience problems brought about by cellulite, which is fat that appears in the skin. Because of this problem, there are treatments now available to get rid of this. Unfortunately, there are still no cellulite treatments that work on a permanent basis and some are still being tested to prove their effectiveness. Since there are no permanent cures, there are some treatments that might have temporary improvement on cellulite. The rest of this article provides proposed treatments and their effectiveness in dealing with cellulite.

The Effectiveness of Mesotherapy Treatment for Cellulite

Mesotherapy is a developed cellulite treatment in France accepted by many European women. It is a procedure that focuses on a number of injections given into tiny cellulite pockets. Each injection contains a dose of supplements as well as homeopathic medications said to split fat and eliminate it.

However, scientific studies still doubt the effectiveness of this treatment. To many, cellulite treatments involving the use of injections increase the possibility of acquiring side or dangerous adverse effects. Literature also cites not enough evidence that this treatment works but rather causes some critical infections to the patient.

The Effectiveness of Endermologie Treatment for Cellulite

Endermologie is another famous cellulite treatment. This is a deep-massage approach that reduces cellulite by suctioning the skin with the use of a device with a vacuum, while kneading it with a set of rollers. Studies have shown that a deep-tissue massage can split fibrous bands and help in circulation to enhance skin appearance.

Regular maintenance treatment is needed to maintain adequate appearance. Although this works for some women, the effects are usually short-term. Also, the treatment is expensive; however, some people experience satisfying results after the procedure. Note that there are also individuals who get no results.

The Effectiveness of Liposuction Treatment for Cellulite

Although cellulite is fat, it does not mean that liposuction – which is a treatment to reduce fat – is required. In reality, liposuction does not help reduce cellulite, but rather, it makes the fat appear worse. Fibrous bands cause the cellulite to appear and getting rid of fat through liposuction does not help. Liposuction focuses more on fat that is located beneath your skin’s surface.

Some Other Treatments for Cellulite

Other alternative treatments include over-the-counter and prescribed creams that are accessible in local stores. Creams containing caffeine or theophylline are proven to have an effect on cellulite by dissolving fat cells. However, some studies show that this is not the case. These cellulite treatments may work for some people, but proponents caution and say that the effect is not permanent. Theoretically, caffeine or theophylline dissolve fat, but it does not work effectively by simply rubbing it on the skin. It does not take it near the fat deposits.

Others rely on regular exercise and healthy diet as treatment for cellulite. Unfortunately, it does not always solve the problem. Getting regular exercise and eating a healthy diet can help one lose weight and decrease fat in the body that is trapped in cellulite. This is helpful in cellulite appearance that is genetically predetermined.

Herbal medicines can be treated as natural and traditional ways of treating cellulite. However, there is no evidence that a combination of herbs or vitamins have an effect on cellulite reduction. A natural and traditional treatment doesn’t mean a safe and effective treatment.

Are Cellulite Treatments Effective?

Despite all the studies and treatment options out there, it is still difficult to come to a conclusion about the effectiveness of any of them. However, if you are able to find the right treatment that works for you, it reduces the chances of a trial and error. Its effectiveness only depends on you – the user.

All Natural Cellulite Remedy Treatments

Cellulite is a most troublesome condition that makes the skin look dimpled or have an orange peel look. This condition occurs just below the skin where the fatty deposits are located. The fatty deposits are lumped together, thus creating the bumpy and uneven skin surface.

A natural cellulite remedy is desirable because these do not usually have any long lasting side effects, if there are any. Since the natural cellulite remedy is made from herbs and other natural sources, this means that they are not as dangerous as the synthetic drugs and medications that are marketed to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Foods As Natural Cellulite Remedy

Eating the right foods can actually help you lose some of the unsightly cellulite plaguing you. The reason why this natural cellulite remedy works is because some foods are natural fat burners that attack the fat deposits in the body where the cellulite has formed. Foods that are recommended as a natural cellulite remedy are those rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants can naturally clear out the poisons in the blood and body thus helping clear out the reason why fats have deposited in the body. Examples of antioxidants are fruits, especially berries and some colourful vegetables.

Other foods that are among those included as a natural cellulite remedy are asparagus, bananas, beans, broccoli and others high in fibre. These help to move the digestion process along thus helping to eliminate wastes and other deposits in the digestive tract that prevent the proper digestion of food.

Lotions, Soaks and Others

More on the quest for a natural cellulite remedy are the ideas of soaking in a bath made from natural sea salt and several parts water. This soak is said to help alleviate the appearance of the unsightly bumps if combined with massaging the areas where cellulite abounds. Lotion made from a combination of creams and finely ground coffee is said to be an effective natural cellulite remedy.

Another home remedy for cellulite is massaging the area daily to help disperse the fats that have been deposited in the area. Massage is one natural cellulite remedy that is often combined with others since it is one way of dispersing the fats with or without the addition of lotions or oils.

The various kinds of natural cellulite remedies stated her may have different results for the different people who try them out. Although, cellulite has no threat to one’s health, the aspect of having them is enough to spur a person into looking into remedies and cures for it.

Do-it-Yourself Cellulite Treatment

There are many things that separate people all over the world such as nationality, age, religion and in some cases weight. But there is one particular challenge that women all over the world have in common. Women all over the world have had to deal with cellulite. This is a fat deposit that is trapped under the top layer of the skin that is known as superficial fat. The only challenge is that it affects men and women differently. So, what do you need to know in order to deal with the challenge when it affects you?

Men and cellulite

The reason that makes men less vulnerable to cellulite is that their fat is usually in connective tissue that runs parallel to their skin, while women’s fat build’s up and runs parallel to the skin itself. So in men the hat tissue will appear smooth whereas in women the fat under the skin will be pulled by gravity and will create bulges of fat. The other contributing factors include heredity, hormones and high levels of estrogens.

Types of cellulite

There are two major types of cellulite that we talk about, one is hard or solid, and the other is soft or spongy. The soft and spongy category is the most common one and it the one that can actually be spotted easily. The hard and solid variety is less common but is attached to the muscle and that makes it tougher to recognized and remove as well but if well concentrated on the hard one can also be removed.

Home cellulite reduction methods

Many people only think about creams and lotions when they hear about home cellulite reduction methods. The truth is that there are many other ways of dealing with the problem that you can employ. There are even cellulite reduction kits that include electrical appliances. Some medical removal methods may as well include localized injections together with many salon treatments that are wide and varied in their general outlook.

Because of the many pros and cons, many women today are looking for safe and effective home treatments to deal with the problem of cellulite and all these for good reasons. Of course one of the good reasons has to do with costs. In these hard times anything that will save a dollar here or there will be highly appreciated by almost everyone. Home treatment methods have been known to be very cost effective hence their popularity.

The other area that people consider is the issue of the difficulty of managing the other forms of treatment. Injections for instance require to be done so meticulously with injections needed for almost each area in specific. But on the other hand home treatments are easier to manage because you can focus on the whole area just at once but without any additional costs.

The other great plus for the home treatment methods is the privacy it affords you. Considering the problem areas you would want then to remain private and intimate even s you deal with cellulite. Though many women are embracing their curves and shapely figure, bearing your derrière in public can often spark fear and insecurity.

Dealing with cellulite is a battle that cannot be won overnight so there may not be a magic pill anywhere for the problem. For this reason whatever cellulite treatment method you are going to use you will remember that some home practice is inevitable. You will want to combine that with some diet and exercise program in order to deal cellulite a hard and permanent blow. Some do it yourself methods beat all the rest hands down.

Best Laser Treatment for Cellulite

Nowadays, people who are worried about getting rid of cellulites can do so easily. Thanks to a number of different treatments available, they can easily choose the right option they would like to have so that they can get rid of the ugly dimple like appearance on their body. With this, they no longer have to opt for using clothes that will hide every single bit of flesh that contains this mark.

But because there are so many different products available in the market, it is easy for people to get confused in choosing which one is best for them. This is reason to believe why there are many who have trouble choosing the cellulite removal product that they should be using. As such, there are many who find themselves in a tough predicament as they are unable to choose the best product in the market. For this, many of them make do with hiding their body with their clothes.

Choosing the Best Laser Treatment for Cellulite

One of the treatments that are slowly gaining popularity among users is laser treatment for cellulite. They have started to opt to use this treatment to help them get rid of cellulites in their body because they know that this is an effective method. However, it is important to know that there are actually several cellulite laser treatment methods available. These methods all follow different procedures which is why it is important to choose the best laser treatment for cellulite. When this is done, cellulites will no longer be a worry!

Despite the differences of the many laser treatments for cellulite, the main concept behind the procedure is the use of a low level laser. This laser is directly pointed at the problem area so that the fat deposits can be broken down. The result of this is that the fats get to melt quickly so that they can be eliminated through the blood stream.

There are other treatments that utilize more than one type of laser so that there will be an increase in the circulation of blood. Further advanced methods make use of developed technology to reduce swelling which normally results from the treatment. At the same time, there are some treatments that claim to stimulate the production of collagen for a smoother and tighter skin.

Advantage of Using Laser Treatment Laser Treatment for Cellulite

Comparing it with other treatments, laser therapy is really a safe and effective way of getting rid of cellulites. Unlike surgical procedures, laser treatment is a non-invasive and painless option. It also has a very quick recovery period so that those who have gone through it can do their daily tasks without any difficulty.

In fact, there are some of these procedures which do not require any recovery period. The best thing about this type of treatment for cellulites is that it has lower risks and side effects compared to surgery. When compared with cellulite cream products, laser therapy is fast acting and does not require several months of continuous usage.

New Cellulite Treatments

There are very few people who have cellulite free bodies, and for some who do have cellulite, they are able to hide it well. But, there are many people who are miserable with their body image and want to do something about it. Sure, everyone wants to be able to find the perfect miracle cure, one that’s free of pain, quick, and removes all that unsightly cellulite.

There isn’t really any such cure, but there are ways to help alleviate some of the problem. With new technology and extensive research, new products and procedures are available today that can help to reduce cellulite’s appearance, improve the tone of your skin, and also possibly help you shed an inch or two.

The first cellulite treatment available is called advanced keymodule endermologie. Considered to be an anti-cellulite treatment, AKE will supposedly help to smooth your skin while giving you a slimmer figure.

During this cellulite treatment you will be given special, stretchy, cotton clothing to wear. After you place it on, cylindrical rollers will then be placed on your skin and gently rolled over your body. It isn’t considered to be a painful treatment, in fact, it has been said that the suction effect really feels like a wonderful massage.

AKE’s thought is that the process helps to restructure your skin’s connective tissues, while stimulating your blood and lymph circulation and helping to eliminate any toxins. It is also said to trigger your body’s regular process for eliminating excess stout to help tone, firm, and smooth your skin.

The process is inexpensive and monthly sessions are usually suggested in order to maintain any results.

The next cellulite treatment is called vacunaut, or vacuum therapy. This process, developed by a sports scientist in Austria, supposedly promises to rid you of the excess stout around your stomach known as a spare tire. It also claims to be the only process found in the world that is able to achieve very effective, and just about effortless, abdominal workout.

During this treatment you will have to wear a suit specially designed for the procedure, while walking on a treadmill for 30 minutes. The machine is controlled by computerized pumps that change internal pressure, forcing your blood directly to the fatty tissue surrounding your stomach.

The blood will absorb the stout that surround your stomach, using it to help power your muscles. In addition, this stout-enriched blood will be steadily gone over and over again to your working muscles.

The downfall to this procedure is that anyone with medical conditions such as those that are related to the heart, circulatory, or metabolic, is not able to use this machine. Also, it takes several months to see an improvement, and it works best when used together with a healthy diet.

The last of the cellulite treatments is the ionithermic body treatment. This process claims to be perfect for any person who has successfully lost weight, but still help toning and firming.

During this treatment, you will receive a body scrub as well as a pressure point massage. Any area that needs to be treated will be covered with thermal clay, as well as essential oils and pads that emit a rhythmic electrical pulse.

IBT will work the areas by using a gentle action the combines’ faradic and galvanic stimuli, while also using the thermal clay and natural ingredients that are biologically active.

4 Cellulite Treatments that Work for Everyone

One of the fitness survey conducted showed that cellulite is the leading cosmetic troubles in most women following acne, frizzy hair and wrinkles. The extreme build-up of subcutaneous fat beneath the skin is the one responsible for the lumpy look of cellulite. Cellulite is more typical amongst women and it manifests following adolescence. It manifests in parts which are susceptible to fat build-up counting the thighs, hips, buttocks and stomach. Women experiencing cellulite frequently search for cellulite medications that perform.

Understanding Cellulite

Having sufficient information regarding the sources of cellulite is the initial thing you need to do prior learning about the medications that work on it. Cellulite can be owed to numerous issues like age, gender, distribution of subcutaneous fat and hormonal imbalances; whilst detrimental lifestyle practices like shortage of exercise and consuming excessive fatty, fried and processed foods can also show the way to its manifestation.

Cellulite might also develop owing to weak blood circulation in specific parts of the body which commonly occurs due to wearing of tight clothing, particularly wearing tight underwear, which can show the way to cellulite development in buttocks and thigh areas.

Description of Cellulite Treatments that Work

Cellulite Treatment #1: Obtaining frequent exercise

Plumpness and surplus weight is at all times connected to cellulite. In view of this, obtaining frequent exercise is one aspect that plays a role significantly not only in weight cutback but also in getting rid of cellulite. It is important that you should have at least 30-40 minutes of frequent exercise. You should opt for exercises which you are happy performing and which are appropriate for your schedule.

These exercises might include brisk walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, yoga, and dancing. You should not also neglect to incorporate daily walk on hilly terrain because it is useful for toning the thigh muscles. Apart from that, including particular lower body exercises which are useful in assaulting cellulite are is also excellent.

Cellulite Treatment #2: Consuming a healthy diet

This strategy is another significant aspect that can help you lessen, or even eliminate the ugly look of cellulite. The best cellulite treatment diet that can act excellently for everybody includes fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins; but, you should stay away from consuming fatty, fried and extremely processed food. Healthy diet works better with active lifestyle.

Cellulite Treatment #3: Anti-cellulite creams

If you are searching for cellulite treatment that works, one of the choices you can experiment with is the cellulite cream. Since there are numerous brands of cellulite removal creams in the market, you can find something that is suitable for you necessities and resources. However, there are different things that you must bear in mind while choosing the appropriate cream, one of which is selecting a product that is appropriate for your finances.

Another thing to consider is the ingredients incorporated in the product, whether they are natural and organic. Natural and organic ingredients are better than chemical ingredients. The best cellulite creams you should choose must include caffeine, retinol A and aminophylline.

Cellulite Treatment #4: Massage therapy

This is another form of cellulite treatment that works. You can opt for manual massage at the different spas and beauty clinics offering particular kinds of anti-cellulite massages, or you can choose Endermologie, which is conducted mechanically through the use of rolling cylinders. Massage therapy is useful in making better the blood and lymph circulation, and in flushing out toxins from your body. As an added result, you will be able to notice smooth skin and toned muscles.

Individuals experiencing cellulite might fight it demanding to look for the best cellulite treatments that work. But, through a bit of determination and study you will be able to discover a medication that is appropriate for your necessities and efficient too!

Effective Non-Surgical Cellulite Treatments

Cellulite treatments are aplenty from non-surgical to surgical options. Your first line of action should be the non-surgical options because of their ease of application, affordable costs, and effective results in most mild to moderate cellulite cases. Just keep in mind that the actual efficacy of these methods vary widely with a few (i.e., exercise) more effective than others (i.e., creams) in the long run.

Vigorous Massages

The rationale behind vigorous massages in the treatment of cellulite is that it will stimulate blood flow, lessen excess fluids and remove toxins from the affected areas. This is a slightly effective method in that slight improvements to the skin can be observed but the results are usually short-lived in nature. Still, slight improvements are better than nothing especially when you consider that many other cellulite treatments are completely ineffective. Vigorous massages can be performed either by hand or by machines. In the latter case, a handheld machine kneads the skin between rollers.

Topical Creams

Many anti-cellulite topical products are marketed as effective but these typically do not live up to the hype. These topical applications are composed of a wide variety of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants as well as herbal extracts formulated to encourage healthy skin. No scientific studies have shown that, indeed, these topical products are effective in any way. Of course, surface improvements can be seen but most, if not all, of the cellulite remain just under the skin.

Cardio and Weight Training Exercises

If you are overweight, your best bet to improve on the appearance of cellulite in your arms, thighs and buttocks is to lose weight. Weight loss via a healthy diet and exercise program achieves several purposes including lessening the fat deposits, strengthening the muscles, and toning the skin in the affected areas. Think of it this way: The lesser the amount of excess fats in your body, the better your chances at eliminating your dimply, bumpy and orange-peel skin via a comprehensive program of several cellulite treatments.

It should be noted that cellulite results from the opposite reactions made by the fibrous tissues and muscles pulling down on the skin while the fat deposits are pushing up the skin. The push-and-pull interaction results in the dimpled, bumpy and orange-peel skin surface we know as cellulite.

Cardio exercises like running, walking and biking – 45 to 60 minutes four days a week is recommended – are necessary to lose excess weight but don’t stop there. You must also engage in weight training exercises to strengthen and tone your muscles especially in the affected areas. Your focus should be on the quadriceps on the thighs, hamstrings on the back of the thighs and glutes on the buttocks.

Experts recommend the following strength training exercises as part of your holistic approach to cellulite treatments:

  • Ball squats
  • Leg presses
  • Split leg lunge
  • Dead lifts
  • Butt raises

You can have alternate days with your strength training exercises so as to give your muscles time to rest and, thus, grow. It must be noted that muscles grow during their resting periods when their microscopic tears are on the mend.

You should complement these exercises with the right dieting habits. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole grains because these encourage good metabolism and good health. Drink plenty of water, too. Together, nonetheless, these non-surgical cellulite treatments can make your skin issues almost disappear from view.

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