CelluRex Cellulite Cream Review

CelluRex Cellulite Cream
CelluRex Cellulite Cream

CelluRex is promoted as one of the safest and most effective anti-cellulite creams out in the market. CelluRex is the best cream as there are few scientific trials or clinical research to support that specific claim.

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CelluRex, a cellulite lotion from the stable of JabaLabs, is advertised as the safest and most effective product in the market of anti-cellulite products. However, claims like these are dime a dozen as every cellulite product on the market makes the same bold claims.

We will investigate Cellurex to see how well this product really works.

How Does CelluRex Work?

CelluRex is a patented cellulite formula that contains, Liporeductyl, a patented formula that contains Tripeptide-1, which is a protein derivative utilized as a skin-moisturizing agent.

This is a highly popular chemical product, but the makers and promoters of CelluRex claim that their product contains the highest concentration of this product, and is thus in a position to be more efficient in fighting cellulite than other products.

The Cellurex website claims that the product is composed of 10 active ingredients, which includes lecithin, Caffeine, Horse Chestnut, Carnitene and Vitamin C. These ingredients are useful in bone formation, facilitating blood flow, strengthening vessels, encouraging the creation of connective tissues and restoring cell membranes etc.

However, for the cellulite cream to be effective it has to be used with LipoWave, a device that is supposed to have an effect against hard-to-reach subcutaneous fat, which is responsible for the appearance of lumps and bumps on the skin.


Natural ingredients are the building blocks from which this cellulite cream is made. In an age of organic revolution, this is healthy and good for your body.

The presence of the tried and tested product, Liporeductyl is an added benefit that should assure consumers wary of the unscrupulous schemes of promoters of “miracle products”.

A company sponsored clinical trial showed that 50% of participants had body fat mass reduction and 85% had an average of one-centimeter reduction of thighs after using the product for 30 days. However, the participants were very limited in numbers.


JabaLabs, the creator of CelluRex, is still an infant in the beauty industry, the company is still unknown and it is difficult to ascertain if their products are of the highest standards.

Testimonials about the Cellurex cream and reviews in beauty magazines are very few, which indicates that too few people are aware of the product or are not impressed by it.

In order to get the most of CelluRex, the company is selling an anti-cellulite device, LipoWave, for another $89.00. All in all, the whole system can be quite costly. We also question how effective their cellulite cream really is if the company wants you to buy their cellulite device in order to see the best results.

Based on only one clinical trial, only 40% of participants showed a one to two centimetre reduction in the buttocks area for 30 days. It is difficult to call this a result worth wasting your time and money for.

How Is Cellurex Different From Other Brands?

A Look at the Facts on CelluRex: Containing Liporeductyl, known to have Tripeptide-1 which is an active protein responsible for moisturizing the skin, CelluRex is said to have some soothing and smooth effects however, moisturizing is not the main reason why anyone would purchase CelluRex.

Liporeductyl is present in almost all anti-cellulite creams since they need it for moisturizing the skin after washing away the excess fats however, the makers of CelluRex stated that their cream has the highest concentration that makes their product more effective than others.

If you tend to check the company’s website, CelluRex allegedly is composed of 10 ingredients that all contributes to diminishing those cellulite.

Some of the major ingredients present in CelluRex are horse chestnut, Vitamin C, lecithin, carnitene, and caffeine, all of which are patent in promoting proper blood circulation, connective tissue repair, strengthening of blood vessels and restoration of cell membranes.

For one to achieve maximum results, CelluRex should be used with LipoWave. LipoWave is a device that can affect those subcutaneous fats that are hard to reach, as well as being responsible in disintegrating bumps and lumps caused by cellulite on the skin.

CelluRex Review Conclusion

CelluRex with LipoWave is quite expensive. There is the suspicion that a good cellulite product will not have to be sold with another one the way CelluRex has to be sold with LipoWave.

Worse, the product lacks clinical backing and adequate reviews in major beauty magazines and from the general public in general. There are more effective cellulite creams available for a fraction of the price.

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