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How To Know If A Cellulite Cream Will Work?

How To Know If A Cellulite Cream Will Work

Unfortunately, it’s more or less impossible to know for sure if a particular cellulite treatment cream will produce results. Seeing that the entire industry is basically cosmetics and has no regulation companies can somewhat stretch the truth a bit about how well their products really work.

There are a few guidelines you can use to help you make a buying decision if you’d like to try anti cellulite creams before mesotherpay or Endermologie® and it’s all about the ingredients.

If the ingredients used to make the cellulite lotion have been shown to improve the appearance of cellulite dimples with constant application then chances are that particular cellulite gel is going to work for you (or at least produce some sort of results).


Probably the most well known ingredient used in anti cellulite products is caffeine. Not in a raw form, but usually as an extract. Caffeine when applied topically and absorbed by the skin can increase blood flow and stimulate the metabolic pathways of the body enough to help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Keep in mind none of these herbal or cosmetic skin creams are actually getting rid of cellulite. Instead they’re entire job is to modify how your skin looks on the surface so you are less conscious about those dimples caused by cellulite below the skin.

Retinol A

Often used in some of the best anti cellulite creams and wrinkle reducing creams Retinol A is a derivative of Vitamin A. It works to tone and firm the skin with constant application. It does the same thing for hiding wrinkles as it does for hiding cellulite dimples. Firm the skin so the marks are less visible.

What About Other Herbal Ingredients

Most other ingredients may be there for a reason but the claims made about their effectiveness are tough to prove. Antioxidants may or may not play a role in improving the appearance of cellulite but that doesn’t stop a lot of companies from including them and playing up the general benefits antioxidants have on our body.

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