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How To Remove Cellulite?

How To Remove Cellulite

Let’s face it; no one wants cellulite on their body. The lumpy “cottage cheese” look was not “in” the last time that I checked. Cellulite is especially annoying to women who, naturally, want to look their best at all times. There are many causes for cellulite, but suffice it to say, it can appear on almost anyone at almost any time in their lives, depending on their lifestyle.

Fortunately, there are many choices available to you that will help to control cellulite and even eliminate it completely. As is always the case with free markets, when there is huge demand, there are many products designed to take advantage of that demand. You can control cellulite through diet, exercise and natural products like anti-cellulite creams, or, if you have sufficient funds, you can choose from various medical treatments and procedures.

There are laser clinics and medical spas that are totally dedicated to getting rid of cellulite.

Massage Therapy

Massage clinics offer many different types of therapeutic anti-cellulite massages that are designed to manipulate and reduce cellulite. A deep anti-cellulite body massage which uses a methodical circular, massaging action that starts at the lower end of the affected area and progresses up towards the heart, can increase blood circulation and promote proper lymphatic functioning.

Body massages help to strengthen the connective tissues that ties the cells of the dermis together. When the connective tissue is strong, it resists the expansion of the fat cells that it binds.


Endermologie is a non-surgical cellulite reduction treatment which uses rollers to produce a deep tissue massage. The massaging action of the rollers is targeted at the cellulite affected areas. The machine exerts substantial pressure on the areas in which it is used, so bruising and soreness is to be expected after each session.

Endermologie is designed to go beyond the normal anti-cellulite massage and produce more significant increases in blood circulation and lymphatic function. Combining these results with the strengthening of the connective tissues and the breakup of fatty deposits in the cells produces a stronger than normal reduction of fats within the body. This becomes apparent when you witness the oily consistency of the bowel movements that occur after the procedure.

During this procedure, suction is also applied to the skin which aids in taking away the dimpling that is so characteristic of cellulite. After multiple sessions, which last approximately 45 minutes each, you will begin to see significant results.


This is considered an invasive procedure because it involves injecting a blend of amino acids, multivitamins, and drugs into the targeted area. The procedure reduces the fat formations and evens out the skin by dissolving the fat cells and enabling them to be removed from the body via the sweat glands and the normal digestive processes.

The procedure is only performed by a qualified medical physician because the ingredients of the injections have to be tailored to each individual patient. It can reduce cellulite deposits on the legs, hips, abdomen and buttocks, with significant results in just 10 to 20 sessions.


Although invasive, this procedure is intended to break up cellulites deposits without undergoing surgical procedures. In contrast to liposuction, this procedure does not remove pounds of fat from the body in one session. Lipodissolve dissolves small areas of fat underneath the skin.


This procedure uses both bi-polar radio frequencies and optical energy to make the areas that are affected tense up, which breaks up fatty deposits into smaller particles that are easier for the body to dispose of. A vacuum with specially designed rollers manipulates and smoothes out the skin. This allows deep penetration of the energy that breaks up the fatty deposits in the cells without injuring the surface of the skin. The combination of the infrared and the RF energies promote increased oxygen flow to the cells through increased blood circulation.

The procedures mention above provides a quicker way to reduce cellulite formations from your body, but they’re expensive and in some cases invasive and can have adverse complications in some people. The costs can range from as low as $50 to $300 per treatment.

Anti-Cellulite Creams

If you are short on cash and willing to exhibit the discipline required to change your diet and institute a regular physical exercise program, anti-cellulite creams and lotions can provide extraordinary results for a relatively low cost. These products work by stimulating blood circulation which aides in burning fat, and helps to eliminate unnecessary fluid and toxic substances in the pockets of the connective tissues between the cells.

The major advantage of this approach is the changes that you make in your diet and exercise routine, go directly at the root cause of cellulite by burning fat and reducing its introduction into the body.

The anti-cellulite cream works at eliminating the visible signs of your existing cellulite, while the diet and exercise stop any new cellulite from forming. As a result, you will be healthier overall, so I would definitely have to call this option a “win, win” solution!

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