Pelle Dolce Cellulite Cream

According to Pelle Dolce, their “Cellulite Creams approach to eliminating cellulite relies on a delivery system that detoxifies the fat cells making them more soft.

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It also has herbs that bring fresh nutrients and oxygen to the skins connective tissue, effectively remodelling the old scar ridden collagen while stimulating new collagen growth”. They admit that this process is no quick fix like most of the other creams, but it is getting great results for the women who stuck with it for than 4 months.

Here are the results we got from cellulite cream

“We have tested Pelle Dolce cellulite cream for approximately 5 months now. 2 times per day treatment coverage is good and 1 tube lasts for 1 month. The company brags that their cellulite removal cream gives you great results. That has been our experience.

There has been a noticeable improvement in the appearance of cellulite that seems to get better each week. We currently have 10 women using the cellulite cream and all 10 are extremely happy with the results”.

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