What Cellulite Is And What You Can Do About It?

What Cellulite Is And What You Can Do About It

Cellulite is the unifying factor for amongst a lot of women with very different body types. Some women wish they were thinner, some wish they had more curves, but these women all have something in common – they wish they could get rid of their cellulite.

But what exactly is cellulite? While it can appear on the stomach as well, most women complain about it on their thighs and buttocks. Obviously we know it’s got something to do with fat, but what is it about cellulite that give the skin that distinctive appearance that some people have referred to as ‘cottage cheese’ or ‘orange skin’?

While we all have fat on our bodies, cellulite occurs when those pockets of fat push up against the connective tissue that attached the skin to the muscle underneath the fat. The fat bulges out around the connective tissue, which creates the dimpled, puckered look of cellulite that so many of us are familiar with.

So what can you do to, if not get rid of it completely, at least minimize the appearance of your cellulite? While there is no miracle cure out there that will magically rid you of your cellulite (or trust me, we’d all be using it) there are things that you can do to make it as unnoticeable as possible.

1) Start exercising. By using a combo of aerobic cardio and strength training, you can reduce the appearance amount and severity of your cellulite. This works in two ways, both by reducing fat and increasing the muscle underneath. The less fat you have, the less there is to bulge out around the connective tissue, and the more muscle you have, the firmer the overall appearance.

2) Get a tan (safely!) The darker your skin tone, the less noticeable the cellulite will be. There are lots of self-tanners on the market now to choose from; if you’re nervous about applying it correctly, pick one of the new tanner/lotion combinations that gradually build colour over a few days. You’ll get a reduction in the appearance of your cellulite, no dangerous UV rays required.

3) Use a scrub/lotion system with skin tightening ingredients. Studies have shown that increased circulation helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Maximize that effect by choosing a scrub that contains other ingredients that will also minimize the appearance of cellulite. A good example of this kind of system is from the Body Solution (click here to check it out).

While you may be self conscious in anything that reveals your cellulite, remember this: the majority of women feel the exact same way that you do. Overweight, underweight, otherwise happy with their bodies or not, most women have some kind of cellulite. And while there’s nothing that will guarantee to rid you of your cellulite, there are things that you can do to minimize the appearance of it.

What Cellulite Is And What You Can Do About It?

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