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What Cellulite Is Telling You About Your Lifestyle?

What Cellulite Is Telling You About Your Lifestyle

Some call it the dimply phenomenon, orange peel skin, cottage cheese skin or the mattress phenomenon. All these are nick names for cellulite, a condition of the skin that affects women in their millions. Actually 9 out of every 10 women will be affected by cellulite at one time or another in their lives if not the whole life time. But then when you have cellulite, there could be a message your body is telling you and the rest of us. So who gets cellulite?

Cellulite is the modern phenomenon and cosmetic epidemic of sorts. It affects all women without discrimination from the young to the old, the slender and the plus size and women from all races and skin colour; generally all ages, shapes and sizes. So, anyone can get it almost anywhere in the body although it mostly affects the belly, butt, and thighs. Due to the overload of hormone changes in women they are more prone to it than men are. Those who are overweight seem to be on the receiving end but if you are skinny it does not mean you are immune to it.

The Cause

Cellulite is caused by fibrous bands between the skin and the deep tissues becoming shorter causing the dimpling effect. This is not necessarily caused by excess fat but many women just have shorter bands which don’t stretch as much as they ought to. These orange peel dimples are very difficult to deal with but the common agreement among all involved people is that it all has to do with fat.

The good news is that it can actually be conquered. One of the ways that can be used in beating it is a change in lifestyle. Especially the issue of a good diet and weight loss can help you lose weight and then you leave the cellulite there making it easier to deal with.

Lifestyle Dealing With Cellulite

There are several things that can do wonders if they are introduced to your lifestyle. Upping your health status is the paramount thing to do. The first step is to go back to a balanced diet and try to detox your system.

There may not be a direct way to minimize cellulite and its appearance or help prevent it because it partly genetic and partly lifestyle. As much as you can do nothing about the genes you inherit, there is everything you can do about your lifestyle. Those who decide to make lifestyle changes actually get to see results.

One major thing you can do to yourself is to try and build muscle in the cellulite areas and this could improve things. You can achieve this by doing some little aerobic and weigh sessions that may include kicks, lunges and resistance weights and in a short while you will fell and see the difference.

The important message you need to catch is simply, look at your lifestyle before you try dealing with cellulite because it appears that the worse your lifestyle habits, the worse your cellulite is going to be.

Generally and simply put, the appearance of cellulite gets worse when it meets a body that is not well taken care of. You can see the magic any little improvement is going to bring to your body. So, if you want to succeed in beating this orange phenomenon, then change of lifestyle comes first followed by all other treatments you may want to invoke. But the lifestyle change must be, maintained.

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